The house had been refurbished and extended in the 1960’s by its previous owners and so had unfortunately lost some of the original features.

The master bedroom was a large, 50m2 bedroom with a small ensuite created in the 60’s refurbishment. The bed was lost on one side of the room with a length of built in wardrobes at the other. To the north elevation a window over looked the flat roof of the boot room.

The owners wanted to create a clutter free space as they didn’t have enough storage. We suggested that the space was divided up into his and hers dressing rooms with a larger en-suite. One dressing room was created in the bedroom and The space over the flat roof was incorporated to become a further dressing room and extension to the en-suite.

We emphasised the bed with an oversized headboard made of wooden panelling with upholstered sections. Low Pendant lights were fitted to either side over the bedside tables. Luxuriously heavy lined curtains were used in this section of the room.

In the en-suite there is a large walk in shower, repurposed Victorian washstand and modern freestanding bath. the wall panelling was brought into this area around the freestanding bath.

The result is a relaxing clutter free sanctuary.